After 20 years away from the East coast, Dr. Susan Gullion returns home to the Cape, where she spent her early childhood years, barefoot and happy by the sea. She is joyfully ready to bring to you her many years of experience and expertise in Network Care.

Degrees in both physics and chemistry led her to the world of chiropractic where she graduated cum laude from Life Chiropractic College in 1991 with a Doctorate. She was immediately and effortlessly guided to attend her first Network Seminar, where she met Donald Epstein, and learned, taught and served by his side for the past 28 years. She was a senior staff member and facilitator for the Transformational Gates, and premier programs in the US and Europe.

Susan has practiced in New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, and now Massachusetts for 28 years. She travels and teaches seminars to large or small groups to share the wisdom of life and the healthy waking up process, and also provides Life Guidance Sessions through phone or Skype. While in NY and Wisconsin she raised a family and cared for many families in those communities and brings a vast range of life experiences, compassion and insight to the table.

She is grateful to be here now to shine the light on health, being well and aligning with your truest and most joyful life. Sacred communication, SRI, Triad of Change skills and NSA entrainments weave together to reorganize your moment to moment response to living.

Bringing clarity, energy and presence to life is her passion.