Network Spinal Analysis


Network Spinal Analysis was first developed in the early 1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein. NSA is utilized by thousands of practitioners around the world and has been studied in several major universities, both in the United States and internationally. It has been studied due to its dramatic, impressive health and wellness contributions to our well-being.

NSA is a revolutionary approach to wellness that applies low-force touches at Spinal Gateways or at certain contact points on the body. These gentle contacts help to assist the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body, enabling individuals to develop new wellness-promoting strategies for living and health.

The intent of NSA is to enable the body’s own self-generated mechanisms of movement and respiration to assist in the correction of mechanical tension and interference in the nervous system.

NSA care is advanced through a series of levels of care, each producing specific abilities for the spine to adapt to the environment. During care, there is an improvement of spinal and neural integrity, adaptability, and significantly advanced wellness as well as quality of life change.