Reorganizational Healing


Reorganizational Healing is an approach to developing new strategies to bring increased freedom, connection & capacity for change. It provides tools to develop & evolve  health and life skills & inner resources to more effective & conscious levels. It teaches us to use our life and health challenges as springboards for going where we haven’t been yet (a reorganizing process) vs. repeatedly  returning to where we’ve already been – (“restoration”).

When we look at the world around us, there is one thing that is obvious: the future demands new strategies. Our planet is gripped with climate change; our countries continually use force and aggression as ‘diplomacy,’ our communities are deteriorating, and our family structures are dissipating. In short, new choices for humanity are needed. At the core of this are the fundamental choices we make in OUR lives. Where we place our focus determines where we are headed. Imagine driving down the road in your car, but you can only look in the rear-view mirror. Where would you end up if you only guide yourself by returning to where you were? How about looking out the front window? Are you headed toward a different place? You are in the same seat, facing the same way, yet where you focus determines where you end up. The key is looking ahead, developing the strategies, and making the choices that move us there. So what does this mean to an individual who is moving toward healing himself or herself and the world? When we look at the predominant culture, we see many people choosing to return to the old. I refer to this as Restorative Healing.”

Dr. Donald Epstein – Founder of Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, the Triad of Change, and Reorganizational Healing